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You feel burdened by life experiences and can sense that they are shaping your decisions, mindset and emotions.
These might be unmet childhood needs or an incident in adult life that has shaken you.
You want to understand your patterns and have space with a properly qualified therapist to safely process these traumas so that you can move forward in a way that is aligned with your values, hopes and dreams.
I am an experienced psychologist trialling a new way of working in an intensive format.  So I am offering space to two people to work intensively with me on processing their traumas in an online EMDR-Intensive programme of 3 half days (2.5 hour sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).  This is the equivalent of 9 weekly sessions. The two dates available are September 27th 2021 and October 11th 2021. 
Programme Plan - How it works
Before we begin I will send you some questionnaires to assess your suitability (there are a few things I need to check before we can work together based on my governing body such as where you live and if there are anything issues that will get in the way of a brief, intensive intervention).
Based on this I will invite you to have a 15-minute phone call to discuss your goals for the intensive. If I consider the intensive to be a good fit for you then we can book you in.  This is the outline of the programme:
Coming Soon - Autumn 2021: 
I'm busy creating a mini-course about trauma and how your difficult early life experiences have contributed to 'stuckness' in the present day.  I'd recommend it to the following people:
- anyone who experienced poor parental caregiving/neglect or attunement (i.e. parents met your basic human needs but emotionally were less available due to busyness; mental health issues; lack of maternal instincts etc)
- people who experienced bullying or feeling left out or lonely a lot in childhood
- people with difficult negative emotions or behavioural patterns which you suspect arise from your past
- people interested in learning how these experiences relate to the underlying neurobiology so they can start to make changes
- people who are on a waiting list for therapy but are ready to start their journey now
- people who are considering therapy but would just like to learn more before investing in 1:1


Why 'intensive' EMDR
1. Intensive EMDR can provide faster relief. Research shows (e.g. (Woudenberg et al, 2018; Lobenstein et al, 2013) that the intensive format is just as effective, if not more so, than the traditional model of weekly sessions.

2. During processing we carefully try to clean up the old trauma wounds so that they can heal, but this can cause people to feel stirred up after a session. With sessions at daily rather than weekly intervals you will not be left holding these feelings on your own for long periods. 

3. When you are clearing your diary for the 5 days you will be preparing yourself mentally and practically to focus on yourself for this week which is the best way to prepare the ground. 

Who am I?
I am an HCPC-Clinical Psychologist specialising in trauma.  I help women who have suffered from both small 't' and big 'T' traumas move from shame, fear and low self-esteem to centred, confident and empowered so that they can move on in life with their hopes and dreams.

I am an Accredited EMDR-Europe Practitioner, working towards EMDR-Consultancy.



"I have found the EMDR sessions life changing. I was really stuck on a traumatic event from my past but with Claire’s support and guidance we have worked through this. I am far more resilient, I am managing my own anxieties and no longer fear my past experiences." (CPTSD and NEAD, Jan 2021)

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