Initial Free Phone Consultation 
We start with an initial phone consultation, during which I get an overview of your difficulties and what you would like to be different in your life.  From this I can establish whether the types of therapy that I provide are suited to your current needs and if they are then we will organise a time for a fuller assessment.  The phone consultations lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.  It is also a chance for you to see if you think that you will gel with my style of therapy and go ahead with booking a further session.  If I do not think therapy with me would be the best thing for you I will help to link you to a more appropriate therapist.
The assessment session allows space to discuss your difficulties in more detail and get the relevant background information.  I can explain what treatment will look like and we will agree on an approximate number of sessions.  Most treatment plans range from 8 to 20 sessions.
Therapy Sessions
After that we will schedule regular sessions (typically once a week or every other week) which will last approximately 50-55 minutes.  Early on in these sessions we will discuss the problems in detail and consider all aspects of your life to see if we can gain an understanding about why the problems developed and why they haven't gone away over time.  Each treatment plan then differs according to your unique needs and the best evidence-based approach for your symptoms.  However in all cases we take an active approach to overcoming the problems by breaking them down into manageable chunks and working together towards your goals. 
There are usually between-session tasks such as practising a new technique that we've covered in the session or keeping a record of certain problematic behaviours that we are trying to improve.  These tasks are always directly related to the discussion from the session and are always agreed on together so that you are not asked to do anything that you feel is too hard.  You are always in control of the sessions and I often check in with clients to make sure that we are going at a pace that feels comfortable.​ 


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