"I have found the EMDR sessions life changing. I was really stuck on a traumatic event from my past but with Claire’s support and guidance we have worked through this. I was one of these people that thought therapy wouldn’t change me, but it has. I feel I am far more resilient, I am managing my own anxieties and no longer fear my past experiences. I use some of the techniques discussed through the EMDR process such as guided imagery and I have found it to really help balance me emotionally in my every day life. I couldn’t recommended trying this enough, keep an open mind and know that Claire will be there to support you as you go through your journey."
-Ms O, Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD) and Traumatic Grief

"An excellent therapist who has done wonders for my mental state and would highly recommend. Helped me unpack my traumas into manageable areas where I can logically see and use techniques to stop them hindering my future."

- Ms N, 30s, Complex PTSD

"I would really recommend Dr Claire Plumbly as she had been instrumental in helping me resolve a near-lifelong problem. I’m so grateful I found her."

-Ms M, 50s, Low Self Esteem and Body Dysphoric Disorder (BDD)


"I met Claire at a very difficult and transitional point in my life. She helped me to come to terms with my diagnosis of OCD, taught me how to recognise and manage it and supported me to reach my seemingly impossible goal of starting a family. Whilst it hasn’t been easy, Claire has been alongside me every step of my journey, adapting her style from CBT to counselling to psychotherapy when we felt it was appropriate.  She is a fantastic, professional and compassionate therapist who showed me both how to fight my demons and, most importantly how to love myself. If you’re considering therapy I would strongly recommend Claire, the first phone call is always going to be daunting but she will put you at ease immediately, listening with an non judgemental, warm and friendly manner. I cannot emphasise enough just how much she has changed my life."

- Ms L, 30s, OCD


"Claire, thank you for helping me not to lose faith, I'm overcoming barriers as a result of our therapy and have the courage to believe in myself again, I could not have got here without your support."

- Mr K, mid-40s, Depression and Trauma

"Thanks to Claire, EMDR has been life changing. I no longer have flashbacks, panic attacks or ruminating negative self beliefs regarding my past traumas"

- Ms J, late 20s, Complex PTSD

"​It is hard to describe the change in my daughter- and I cannot thank you enough"
Ms I, parent to a young adult

"I came to see Claire after a real turn in my health anxiety. It was all I could think about when I had a free second to think my health was on my mind. I was always an anxious person, and had been used to controlling it myself. But at this moment I realised I needed additional support so went to see Claire. 

Week after week she would teach me new skills about how to not let my anxiety overcome my life, and how to channel my thoughts into other areas. I came back week on week, excited to tell her my latest progress and how many times I had completed certain exercises, she always understood how hard I was working to overcome this, and always realised when I had a bad week and would be very supportive that it's all part and parcel of life.  Claire has made my life more enjoyable and has given me the skills and experience to minimise my own anxiety levels without the need of my usual safety mechanisms."

- Mr H, mid-20s, seen for Health Anxiety

"I was in such a difficult place with my life-long issues having me in a stranglehold. My life and feelings have really really changed since meeting you. I was at my wits end with countless previous attempts to change. Each little step you took me through just worked it's magic. It all just felt so simple finally. I can't really get my head around how you made it all feel so simple and straightforward, the sign of a true expert I think.  I am grateful beyond words."

- Mr G, 40s, seen for Social Anxiety and Low Self-esteem


"I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU again for being so good at your job. I've learnt such a lot during the sessions and I've had a great day at work today asserting myself and taking breaks! You are a credit to your profession and I will remember your encouragement and fantastic support."

- Ms F, 30s, seen for Social Anxiety and Low Self-esteem

 I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing, my daughter is completely transformed.  She is so much calmer, and much more forgiving and compassionate to herself and others.
- Mr E, Parent to an 18 year old, seen for Stress and Perfectionism


"Thank you so much for assisting me through this. You're amazing at what you do because you put me at ease right away and for me that wasn't easy.

- Mr D, 30s, seen for Anxiety and OCD

"Thank you - you really have helped to give me my life back.  I'm now feeling like the old me again, and I'm looking forward to the future."

  - Ms C, 40s, seen for OCD

"Looking back I realise one of the most important things you did was provide a consistent voice of kindness and compassion and being "on my side" even when I wasn't. I think the constant modelling of that behaviour helped me develop a similar voice. Sometimes I'll be in a situation where I can resolve this by imagining I'm talking them through with you and hearing your response and adopting it as my own."

- Mr B, 30s, seen for Anxiety and Complex PTSD 

"The sessions were made much easier by your approach. You are a great listener and made me feel comfortable. I never felt judged.  I found you to be an extremely skilled and accomplished professional, who clearly cares about what you do. That is obvious.  The sessions have had a positive and significant impact and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you again for all of your patience and support which is very much appreciated, and won't be forgotten."

     - Mr A, 40s, seen for Anxiety