​Contact me today for a free consultation about your current needs. Please read the information below or my full Privacy Statement before providing me any personal data.  
Phone: 0784 192 2129       Email:
What personal information will I need to share to enquire about therapy?
I will ask for your contact details including a phone number and an email address in order to correspond with you. I will also ask for an overview of your current difficulties which will help me to make a decision on whether I may be able to see you for therapy or not.  A hard copy of the full Privacy Statement and consent form will be provided if we proceed to arranging an appointment.
What happens to my personal information if I am not suitable/do not attend an assessment?
If I cannot offer you therapy but one of my associates at Prometheus can then (with your verbal consent) I will pass on your name and contact details to them using a secure, encrypted email system.  I will not share your details with anyone else. Once you have been linked to someone who can help you I will then delete any email correspondence from you as I will have no further lawful reason to retain it. 
Is it safe to email information to you?
Email is not considered a secure medium of correspondence so please keep sensitive information to a minimum using this method of contact.  Doing so is allowed but is at your own risk.  If you have an email account with ProtonMail then this is considered secure, as it is encrypted to my email address (which is hosted by ProtonMail).

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