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An online programme for women

A 6 month programme for women who feel overwhelmed by anxiety or other negative emotions; believe that they aren’t as good as others and are constantly trying to avoid criticism.


This hybrid programme will help you to master the skills you need to feel calmer and to believe in yourself and to start enjoying life again.

Lean how to

  • Overcome anxiety and panic

  • Defuse self-critical thoughts

  • Nip overthinking in the bud

  • Develop your confident self

  • Set and stick to boundaries

Get clarity on:

  • How you got here (recent events and past experiences or traumas)

  • Your hopes and dreams for the next three years

  • The fears and behaviours that are getting in the way

What is your anxiety and low self-confidence

holding you back from in life right now?

Now imagine what life would be like if:

  • You had developed your Life Map and Trigger Formula to understand why you back off from opportunities or freeze up when asked your opinion.  

  • You had my 4-step S.A.F.E. strategy to get your day back on track when something upsets you

  • You could feel confident and able to follow what you really want in life (that job, a relationship, a good work-life balance).

  • You had a Boundaries Blueprint to keep you on track when you feel like defaulting to old 'give-in and say yes' behaviours.


Untroubled is especially for you if you:

  • Feel exhausted from trying to keep everyone happy (AKA people-pleasing)

  • Over-think everything

  • Get FOMO easily

  • Get The Fear when applying for jobs, going on dates being asked your opinion

  • Feel like you are being left behind when all your friends seem to have their lives sorted

  • Tend to procrastinate, over-work or constantly aim to get things 'just right'.

You would also be suited to this programme if you consider yourself as suffering with Complex PTSD (CPTSD) or having experienced Attachment traumas growing up.

This program is my tried-and-tested pathway through the evidence-based therapy tools so you can manage intense emotions and stop them from running the show, including:

- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

- Compassion Focused Therapy

- Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

- Mindfulness

Stop struggling with anxiety and overwhelm on your own. By learning the powerful psychological tools from an experienced psychologist you can start to enjoy more freedom and confidence.


Book a Clarity Call now

How does it work?

We will partner up for 3 to 6 months.  During that time you progress through the Untroubled learning pathway, which involves 5-15 minute videos (manageable bite-sized chunks).  As you watch these I give you exercises to implement so you can move forward quickly and start to see improvements. You’ll hit milestones throughout the program and receive my personal input on these as you progress through. 


By the end of the first 4-5 weeks you’ll have a clear sense of how and why your brain ticks as it does and tools to cope with intense emotions. The videos can take as little as 12 weeks to work through but you have access to support from me for up to six months so you have time to integrate what you're learning and tailor off as you grow in confidence.


You and I will meet weekly on a group zoom call (60 minutes) where you can get my help on the practical application of the techniques, and I can demonstrate therapy tools live. We’ll troubleshoot together and I’ll coach you through the techniques for all those nitty-gritty, real-life issues that currently suck up all of your energy.


You can dip into these calls for up to six months, although you may not need the support for as long as that. You will no longer feel that you are fire-fighting these tricky life issues on your own. You will get my full 100% attention to work on whatever you need. If we need to go deeper, you can book up to three 30 minute 1-1 calls so you can always move forward.


The level of the support you choose is optional. If you prefer to submit a question to the group zoom call and watch a replay then this is fine, my wish is to make evidence-based psychological tools available to you and I want to break down as many blocks to accessing professional support as possible.


The Community

During our 3-6 month partnership, you may choose to be part of the Untroubled Community on ‘Slack’ (similar to a FB group but more private) surrounded by women all building their Untroubled lives.  You do not need to share any private background information about yourself and you will use your first name only.  This is an exciting part of the program that is not available to 1-1 clients. Being part of this community means that you will not feel alone anymore, you will be alongside others who want the best for you too, if you haven’t had much of this in your life before then this can be so healing.

Is this right for you?

You need to be a female over the age of 18.


If you are currently in crisis (getting suicidal thoughts or at risk of harming yourself), then you need a higher level of support and this program cannot offer this. Speak to your GP as soon as possible or call the Samaritans on 116 123. I’m afraid that I cannot provide an emergency service.


You may or may not have tried therapy before. 


You may feel blocked from going to one-to-one therapy, typical reasons are that this would be too intense or you’d struggle to open up. Or that you believe that your issues aren’t bad enough to take up a therapist’s time (which isn’t true but can be a real obstacle to getting help).


You may be on a waiting list for one-to-one therapy and ready to get going with learning the skills and psychological knowledge that would be covered in those early sessions anyway. 

OK so how do I join Untroubled?

If we’ve not yet spoken, schedule an initial call to discuss this option.

I start with a limited number of women every 4-6 weeks so Book a Clarity Call to discuss is Untroubled is right for you

NEW from May 2022:
Self-paced option of Untroubled

Get instant access to all the content of the Untroubled programme for 12 months alongside 6 months access to the community group (hosted on Slack) where you can ask Dr Claire Plumbly questions when you get stuck and get support from other women who are on the same journey as yourself.

Suitable for people who are self-motivated and do not wish to access the zoom calls.

See inside Untroubled/Untroubled Lite: click on this video:
behind the scenes.JPG


How so very grateful I am of the work we've started, I'm learning how much I punish myself all day long for everything. Wow. Thank you Claire

 I'm getting a lot from the programme, I have learnt things I didn't know about my brain and I am getting an understanding of my emotions and how I work.

I find the video content and workbook really useful and I love the format of the zoom calls, they keep me accountable for going through the modules, and I feel it is a safe place to be honest

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