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Burnout: How To Manage your nervous system before it manages you by Claire Plumbly

Overwhelmed &

I've written this book for you.

OUT ON 18/07/2024

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Dr Claire Plumbly

How to Manage Your Nervous System Before it Manages You

Our human nervous system has the power to cope with high stress but not when it's been ground down by the relentless stimuli of today's world.


Over time, these persistent demands leave us burnt out because our nervous system is stuck in survival mode. In this mode, we have reduced capacity for rational thinking and less capacity to care. It becomes hard to make decisions, rest, solve problems, be mindful and set boundaries.


Editorial Reviews

Complex science made simple, healing strategies made accessible. Highly recommend.

Suzy Reading, Psychologist & author of The Self-Care Revolution

"This book is an essential read if you have been affected by burnout"

Dr Jessamy, Psychologist & author of The Imposter Cure

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Drawing on polyvagal theory, compassion focused therapy, and my professional insights as a trauma therapist with 20 years experience in mental health, I've written this book to show you:

      Why stress is different from burnout

      How burnout stifles your ability to interact, think clearly and be productive or creative.

      Why you get stuck in burnout and cannot 'think' your way out of it or engage in activities you know could help you.

      The three key psychological patterns I see leading to burnout

      How to soothe your nervous system back to full capacity using therapeutic techniques and compassion.

By the end of this book, you will have tools to thrive amidst the challenges of modern life, at work, at home and through positive interactions and relationships.

"An excellent resource… I will be recommending to all my burnout clients."

Dr Liz White

Consultant Clinical Psychologist & host of the Hello Therapy podcast

"This is a brilliantly researched and necessary book"

Emma Reed Turrell

Psychotherapist &

Author of What Am I Missing

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What is it?

My favourite psychological tool which I personally use to reset my nervous system when I feel:

Frozen with overwhelm

Stuck in a procrastination loop

Panicked about my to-do list

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