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Dr Sarah Butler


Dr Butler has enjoyed a varied career within the NHS (10 years) and Ministry Of Defence (2 years) and worked in various roles as a trauma specialist, occupational specialist, and in chronic pain services.


More recently, Dr Butler offers adult ADHD assessments and EMDR intensives. She draw on all her knowledge and experience to provide a gold standard experience. 


"For me, being a Psychologist is a privilege. I am passionate about supporting others."

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Insurance companies:


  • Doctor of Counselling Psychology (BPS)

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (BABCP Accred)

  • EMDR practitioner (EMDR UK)

Adult ADHD Assessments Procedure:

First a one-off screening session takes place to see if you would benefit from going ahead with the assessment. For the assessment, there are several questionnaires to be completed. The assessment takes place over 2-3 sessions at times that are convenient for you and can be done online. These sessions involve taking a full history of your development and mental health, and the DIVA interview. This process exceeds the current recommendations set out in the NICE guidelines.

​The third session takes place after the assessment is completed, and this is where you will be asked about your wellbeing and offered advice and signposting tailored to your specific needs. This could be a referral for coaching, psychotherapy or medication consultation.

​Within 4 weeks of the assessment, a full diagnostic report and the Qb test (optional) outcomes, assessment narrative, and recommendations will be provided. This document if often between 10 and 12 pages long. You can use this report to support your application for educational and occupational adjustments and to inform other healthcare providers of your diagnosis.

Fee for Adult ADHD assessment: £925

Doctoral Studies

For 4 years of my doctoral studies, I researched clients' experiences of intensive EMDR for PTSD. The research included visiting services in the Netherlands (Psytrec) and working closely with services in the USA (The Trauma Insitute).


My findings show that clients find intensive EMDR safe, valuable, containing, and beneficial. The research article is due for publication in winter 2023. I use my knowledge of trauma and PTSD to recognise the long term impact of these to provide trauma informed ADHD assessments.

Fee:  £120 per session


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